Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 (TIF)

Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 (TIF) - EP20

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zhu Li finds Qihua missing. Wang Qi recalls that Qihua had made a will and begins to worry the latter has a health issue. Kelong tries to contact Qihua but to no avail. While packing up old clothing, Keqing finds a gold pair of scissors Mary had given her when she won the first prize in a fashion design contest. She becomes caught up with sentiment and decides to use the scissors to make some clothes for Mary. Ruolin’s pushcart is popular with the students. However, she decides to end the business to focus on fashion design. To look good on TV, Kelong resorts to an extreme exercise and diet regime. He experiences sudden spurts of dizziness, but these don’t deter him. Zhu Li has not been able to eat or sleep since Qihua’s disappearance. Yunxi and Yunfeng take turns to care for their mother and cook for her. All of them miss Qihua’s home - cooked food. Ann, the manager of Ori, a reputable fashion design firm, calls on Keqing to persuade her to continue designing for Ori. It dawns on Wang Qi that Keqing is very talented. Ruolin takes her drawings to Ann, hoping to intern for Ori. However, she is rejected due to the immaturity of her work. She refuses to give up. Jiale develops acute hepatitis. Qilong begs Yunxi to return the money he invested, so that he can arrange for his son to receive treatment. Yunxi’s boss learns about her involvement in the investment scam. Afraid it will tarnish the company’s reputation, he demands her resignation. Yunxi is flustered by the pressure and becomes distracted. She loses control of her car but is able to step on the brakes just in time. Back home, Zhu Li blames Yunxi for Qihua’s disappearance. They quarrel heatedly.

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