Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手

Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 - EP5

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

In order to help Mei Mei and Ruo Lin reconcile, Julie arranges for the two to meet at a fast food restaurant. Unexpectedly, Ruo Lin brings along her grandmother, Mary. Mei Mei becomes angry at Ruo Lin for using Mary as her shield. She tells Ruo Lin that she has already applied for college and makes a deal with her that if she could last for a year, Ruo Lin must go to college as well.朱莉为化解美美母女俩的心结,约两人在快餐店见面,谁知若霖却把奶奶Mary带来。美美不满若霖拿Mary当挡箭牌,告诉她自己已经报名念大学,如果自己能撑上一年,若霖就得信守承诺,接受大学教育。

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