Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手

Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 - EP6

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

Julie and Yun Feng celebrate the success of Yun Feng's commercial by having a good meal outside. Qi Hua invites them home for dinner, but the two find an excuse to reject him. Qi Hua feels lonely having dinner alone, so he calls Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi was already having a barbeque party with her colleagues in her new home. After moving in, Yun Xi discovers that Shawn is her new neighbour.朱莉与云峰吃美食庆祝云峰的广告爆红。启华打电话催两人回家吃饭,两人找借口拒绝。启华孤单地用餐,忍不住打电话给云溪,云溪正和同事在新家举办入伙烧烤会。云溪迁入新居后,才发现和Shawn成了邻居。

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