Find Me A Singaporean Special Edition - EP2

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 03 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

Many female Singaporeans are currently living with their husbands in various parts of the world. This episode revisits 3 Singaporeans, one of whom is helping her husband's family run a restaurant in Brazil, one is operating her own grocery store in Hamburg and one who runs a restaurant in France.有许多新加坡女性远嫁国外,这一集的《稀游记精华版》重温了当年节目组造访3名远在他乡的新加坡女儿。巴西的Stella协助夫家经营中餐馆;德国汉堡的 Rahimah 经营自己的亚洲食品店而在法国的张风仪开创了自己的美食事业。3名新加坡女性因为因缘际遇而远嫁他乡,生活各自精彩。

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