Find Me A Singaporean Special Edition

Find Me A Singaporean Special Edition - EP3

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

This episode revisits 3 Singaporeans who are based in Chengdu China, Uganda and Poland. Darren works with animal welfare centre to save the lives of Black Bear. Lester operates a bee farm in Uganda, providing its farmers livelihood. Raymond studies music in Poland but also works as a Hippotherapist.这一集的《稀游记精华版》让观众见证了3名新加坡人与动物的互动关系。建筑师出身的 Darren 投身到保护亚洲黑熊的运动中。远在非洲乌干达的廖永祥则成了养蜂人,他成立了养蜂培训中心训练乌干达人成为养养蜂人。而年轻的黄结祥到波兰学音乐之余,也投身到马术治疗师的工作中。

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