Find Me A Singaporean Special Edition - EP5

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 24 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

A former photographer, Nicholas Leong gave it all up to produce the first African cycling team. Adam Swandi, a promising footballer, is training hard in France. Nona, ex-national fencer, is juggling between her business and training in Oakland. Catch this episode of Find Me A Singaporean Special. Nicholas Leong曾是顶尖商业摄影师,但是却踏上充满未知的冒险之旅,到肯亚去培育一只全非洲人的脚车队。 年轻的Swandi 是新加坡足球的明日之星,但是却毅然到法国去接受艰苦的训练。曾经是击剑国手的Nona 在美国同时兼顾生意和体育训练,她是怎么做到?这一集的《稀游记》,让我们一起见证这3 位新加坡人敢于梦想,勇于创造奇迹的故事!

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