Find Me A Singaporean Special Edition - EP6

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 01 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, 3 Singaporeans are devoting their lives to help marginalized communities outside of Singapore. Ravi Rai set up home for street kids in Inida while Zenn Tan devoted her time to people disabled by land mines in Cambodia and David Seto lent his helping hands to the homeless in Mongolia. 放下新加坡舒适的生活,3名新加坡人在遥远的他乡为弱势的团体伸出了援手。 RAVI在印度成立了收容所,接纳了流离大街的少年;陈美贞则投身于柬埔寨一群因为地雷而残障的青年;而司徒耀光在寒冷的蒙古为无家可归的人找到栖身之所。

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