Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound)

Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound) - EP10

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 03 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhanshu is enraged when she hears that Zhaoying was beaten and scolded by Shun-ai at a supermarket. Zhanshu charges to Meijing's workplace and slaps her in front of Shangtai. Shangtai encourages Meijing to vent her frustration when she appears nonchalant after the incident. 占淑不满昭英在超市被顺爱又打又骂,冲动地开车到美晶的工作地点,在尚泰面前打了美晶一巴掌。尚泰顾虑美晶的感受,美晶却表现得无所谓。尚泰知道美晶在强忍,鼓励她发泄。美晶在车内大声地把怨气喊出来。

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