Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound)

Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound) - EP12

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 04 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Meijing gets involved in an accident with a truck while she is on her way to return the car to Renzhe. As Zhanshu has already made a police report about the car being stolen, Meijing now has to seek settlement with both the truck driver and Renzhe to avoid a jail term. 美晶要去把车还给占淑时与一辆货车发生车祸。由于占淑抢先一步报警说美晶偷车,所以车子被列为赃车。美晶必须同时跟货车司机和仁哲取得和解,否则可能要坐牢。

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