Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound)

Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound) - EP22

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Meijing tries her best to keep a distance from Shangtai, but Shangtai bumps into her having dinner alone. Moments later, Shangtai cannot stop himself from kissing Meijing. He also confesses his feelings to Meijing. Meijing is taken aback by Shangtai’s actions. 美晶为了跟尚泰保持距离,再次脱队,独自一人去吃饭,却被尚泰撞见。其后,尚泰情不自禁吻了美晶,并鼓起勇气向她表白,令美晶不知所措。

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