Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound)

Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound) - EP56

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 05 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhanshu finds out from Shun-ai that Renzhe has undergone a vasectomy years ago. Zhanshu reprimands Renzhe for not telling Zhaoying the truth even when he knows how desperately Zhaoying wants a child. Zhaoying is devastated when she overhears their conversation. 占淑从顺爱那儿听说仁哲早已经结扎了,所以就算昭英再努力也无法怀孕。占淑不满仁哲向昭英隐瞒那么重要的事,于是严厉地责骂他。两人的对话被昭英听到,昭英一时之间不知所措。

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