Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound)

Five Enough 五个孩子 (Dual Sound) - EP58

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 06 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Xiangmin admits that Taimin is also aware that Yantai has a crush on him for 7 years. Yantai does not know how to face the brothers. She returns the ring to Xiangmin and initiates a break-up with him. 相珉默认太民知道妍泰暗恋他多年。妍泰觉得很丢脸,没办继续跟太民做朋友,也没自信再面对相珉,于是把戒指还给相珉,并提出分手。相珉说自己不能没有妍泰,极力挽留她。

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