Fixer S2 线人2

Fixer S2 线人2 - EP1

47 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel U Published: 04 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Mindanao has always been a hotbed for terrorist activities in Philippines. Rebels use money as bait to recruit kids and train them to kill. The social turmoil, changes in family structure and poverty have resulted in kids being sold to the rebel groups by their families and were forced to join war. 棉兰老岛一直是菲律宾恐怖主义活动的温床。叛军以金钱作为诱饵,招募孩童加以训练,无知的童年记忆,沉浸在杀戮中。社会动荡时刻,家庭结构发生变革、破裂,贫困,导致一票孩童被家人卖到组织里,迫于投身战事中。

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