Focus 焦点 (FY1718)

Focus 焦点 (FY1718) - EP15

Thu 13 Jul 2017

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

At US President Donald Trump's first G20 summit , all 19 nations agreed to push forward the Paris Climate Accord without the US . Western media played up the image of Trump cutting an isolated figure at the summit and questioned the absence of US leadership in global affairs . Are we entering a world without a global leader capable and willing to shape global consensus ? At the summit , Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to work together on North Korea . But how far can they go to curb North Korea's nuclear proliferation ? Since mid - June , China and India have been stuck in a standoff at the Sikkim Doklam area , where China , India and Bhutan border each other , reportedly after the Chinese Army attempting to build a road there . After nearly a month , both countries have not wavered in the standoff . Since Sin - India War in 1962 , China and India has largely refrained from outright confrontation over their border disputes . Will the current tension escalate into a military conflict ? G20峰会 美国不再领袖群伦? 美国总统特朗普首次出席二十国集团峰会,和其他领袖共谋大事。峰会达成宣言继续推进巴黎气候协定,独缺美国。特朗普在大会的身影更被西方媒体讥为“形只影单”。美国在国际事务上似乎不再愿意扮演领导的角色,全球是否已进入没有领袖,没有共识的多极化时代?特朗普和中国国家主席习近平在峰会上同意合作应对金正恩。他们真的能抑制朝鲜核威胁吗? 中印边境对峙 六月中旬开始,中国和印度在边界地区紧张对峙,至今没有缓和。据报道,中印对峙起因于中国军方在中国、印度及不丹的交界处——锡金段洞朗区造路。中印对峙近一个月,双方至今都毫不退让。自1962年中印战争以来,两个亚洲大国在边界大多相安无事。这次对峙有可能擦枪走火吗?

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