Focus 焦点 (FY1718)

Focus 焦点 (FY1718) - EP32

Thu 11 Jan 2018

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Shenzhen is China's first special economic zone set up in 1980. China's opening up has seen it spearheading the nation's push to become the world's top manufacturer. In recent years, Shenzhen has transformed itself into an innovation centre, its GDP output having overtaken Guangzhou to become China's third - highest in 2016. With Beijing bulking up the Greater Bay Area, a special economic zone consists of nine major cities in Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen is again at the forefront of China's latest national project, this time with its innovative potential. Focus visits Shenzhen to find out how some of the pioneering technologies are being conceived there.粤港澳大湾区(一):深圳的创新力 深圳是中国改革开放后设立的第一个经济特区。经过30年发展,深圳从原来的代工厂蜕变成中国的创新中心,去年的经济产值超越广州,位列中国第三。中国政府去年推出粤港澳大湾区发展蓝图,要打造广东省九大城市和香港、澳门成为中国面向全球的超级港湾经济区,深圳的创新力就是主要吸引力。《焦点》到深圳实地观察那里孕育出来的新科技。

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