Focus 焦点 (FY1718)

Focus 焦点 (FY1718) - EP36

Thu 08 Feb 2018

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

China's Greater Bay, Part 3 - Singapore Enterprises in Guangzhou Guangzhou was once well known for its vibrant manufacturing industries in the Pearl River Delta region. Its labour costs, however, have increased in recent years, resulting in loss of competitiveness. Guangzhou is adopting industrial automation and smart technology to transform its manufacturing sector and move up the value chain. What opportunities can Singapore enterprises find in this wave of economic transformation in Guangzhou ? Asean foreign ministers gather in Singapore Foreign ministers from all 10 Asean countries are in Singapore this week to attend the first major meeting of Asean leaders chaired by Singapore this year. They are to discuss projects aimed at making the region more resilient and innovative, as well as exchange views on regional and international developments. Focus reports.粤港澳大湾区(三):新加坡企业的机会 广州是珠江三角洲重要的工业城市,但近年来面对人力成本上涨,竞争力流失的挑战。如今,中国制造业全力迈向自动化和人工智能,广州也力求创新,加速转型。新加坡的创新企业如何在广州这一波转型升级中找到商机?《焦点》到广州实地采访。 亚细安外长聚狮城 我国担任亚细安轮值主席的首场会议这个星期在狮城召开,出席的亚细安10国外交部长根据亚细安今年“韧性团结,创新求变”的主题,商讨亚细安的发展重点,并就区域和国际局势交换意见。《焦点》追踪报道。

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