Focus 焦点 (FY1819)

Focus 焦点 (FY1819) - EP31

Thu 10 Jan 2019
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

SG and MY met this week to discuss the maritime and aerospace dispute. Has the meeting helped to resolve the differences ? In August 2018, a group of North and South Koreans met in Mount Kumgang. They were families separated by the Korean split 70 years ago. Focus interviewed two families. 新马外长本周在新加坡会面,商讨大士海域的领海纠纷以及柔佛州南部的空域纠纷。这次会面是否有助两国突破僵局?去年8月,数百名韩国和朝鲜的离散家属在朝鲜境内的金刚山聚会。这些人在70多年前韩朝分家及韩战爆发是妻离子散,除了一些有幸在有生之年能跟失散的亲人再见,大多数人直到离世都见不到想见的人。《焦点》在韩国实地采访两名离散家属。

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