Food Map

Food Map - EP5

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

"Food Map" introduces some "must eat" food to our viewers. Apart from showing us how yummy it is, the host will also find out the history behind the delicacies.《美食地图》是北京卫视的一档综艺节目,节目定位 “寻找非吃不可的美食,拼贴权威的美食地图!”在寻找中探寻美食背后的人物故事、历史文化,为观众提供最可信任的美食指南。栏目严格拒绝植入性广告,完全站在客观的立场推荐、评价,树立节目的权威性,打造京城美食地图的第一品。

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