Food Of Life 百味人生

Food Of Life 百味人生 - EP9

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 02 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

A person's life begins with the first cry and this new life will experience the joy and sorrow in life and the taste of life. Birthday is a day to mark a mother's suffering from giving birth. Besides sending birthday messages, most people will celebrate one's birthday with sumptuous meal every year. 人的一生从一声啼哭开始。一声啼哭,一个新生命来到世上,他将经历人生的悲欢离合,尝尽人生百味。生日是母难之日。人们感怀一眨眼又度过一年,每年在他的诞生日, 人们会以百味美食为他庆生, 献上祝语为他祝贺。

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