Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新

Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新 - EP7

13 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 28 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Food blogger Nicholas (@Stormscape) takes up the challenge of “Foodie Makeover”, and wants to give local traditional food “Laksa” a “makeover” ! The delicious Laksa, has a deep impression in us so is there a way to outshine the original ? What will Nicholas’ idea be ? What difficulties will he and the bakers encounter ? Can he give "laksa" a successful makeover ? 这一集接受挑战“美食大翻新”的美食博客 Nicholas(@Stormscape),想要翻新本地传统美食“Laksa”!味道浓郁,汤汁可口的Laksa,已经深入民心,要如何改造才能让人眼前一亮?到底Nicholas有什么新颖的点子呢?而在研发新美食时,他和烘焙师傅会遇到什么难题?他最终能成功将“laksa”翻新吗?

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