Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新

Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新 - EP8

15 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 28 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Can the problems encountered by Nicholas previously be solved ? Will the “Laksa Lava Toast” that he and the bakers created be successful ? What surprises are there in this dish ? What is the reaction of the foodies ? Of course, guests will also be invited to participate in interesting challenges. Don’t miss it ! 上回美食博客Nicholas遇到的问题能否一一解决?他和烘焙师傅携手推出的“Laksa 熔岩土司”最终能成功吗?到底这道翻新美食有什么惊喜?他们是否能做到卖相好、味道佳的Laksa熔岩土司?食客的反应又如何?当然节目中也会请嘉宾艺人朋友参与有趣的挑战,谁胜谁负?不容错过!

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