Forbidding No More 极境之旅

Forbidding No More 极境之旅 - EP1

Cuba Part 1
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 15 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Iran, Cuba or North Korea are not exactly the most accessible countries. In fact most would balk at the idea of holidaying there. Stringent visa requirements and hard travel conditions are but some factors. But are they really inaccessible ? "Forbidding No More" takes us to these countries to explore what culture and attractions these locations have to offer. 伊朗、古巴、北朝鲜这些平时只会在新闻时段里听闻的国家,是大部分人都没机会去的地方;因为国际贸易制裁、繁琐的签证手续,旅游业的相对不发达让许多旅客望而却步。 全新节目《极境之旅》首次踏足这些国度,深入了解当地文化风情!

Forbidding No More 极境之旅
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