Forbidding No More 极境之旅

Forbidding No More 极境之旅 - EP9

Uzbekistan Part 2
46 Min

By Channel U Published: 10 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

After visiting the ancient city of Bukhara, Alberto, the host of "Forbidding No More", set off to a yurt camp in Kyzylkum Desert, where new adventures await him in the wilderness. And finally, at the legendary city of Samarkand, he embarks on a journey into the city's colourful Islamic past. 离开了古都布哈拉,《极境之旅》出发前往克孜勒库姆沙漠的营区。在大漠之中,主持人葛凡将会有什么初体验?最后,我们来到了传说之城撒马尔罕,走进了时空隧道,去了一趟伊斯兰的古文明世界,葛凡将会有什么新启发?

Forbidding No More 极境之旅
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