Forgotten Youths 边缘青年

Forgotten Youths 边缘青年 - EP1

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 06 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Forgotten Youth: Greece Unaccompanied Minor refugees The Middle eastern turmoil has forced millions to escape to Greece in search of hope. In late 2016, the Baltic states closed the borders, 1.3 million refugees are left stranded in Greece, of which 2300 are unaccompanied youths. Alone in a foreign land, they are left to gamble with life for the slightest hope of getting out of their desperate situations.边缘青年:独自漂流异乡的少年 成千上万的中东难民因战祸涌入希腊寻找希望。2016年底巴尔干各国封锁边境,而130万名难民滞留希腊,当中约2300名未成年。在全然陌生的城市里,他们以身犯险为求生存,甚至必须为了一丝寻得自由的希望,要赌上性命。

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