Forgotten Youths 边缘青年

Forgotten Youths 边缘青年 - EP2

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

China, the highest number of netizens and biggest market for online gaming, and millions of teens labelled with internet addiction. Despite the same age, professional gamers are gaining wealth and fame. Are addiction treatment camps effective ? Why are professional gamers and internet addicts different ? 《边缘青年之网瘾》 中国是全世界最多网民的国家,也是世界第一大的网络游戏市场,有几千万青少年被认为是“网瘾病人”,他们被当作毒品成瘾的病人一样强制戒除网瘾,而另一些同龄人却凭借玩网络游戏成功而名利双收,戒网瘾机构真得能戒除网瘾吗?职业选手和网瘾病人之间到底有什么样到不同?

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