Forgotten Youths 边缘青年

Forgotten Youths 边缘青年 - EP6

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 13 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

What are the challenges and issues faced by youngsters today ? From school bullies in Japan to net addicts in China and acid victims in Cambodia, Forgotten Youths meets these youths and sheds light on the juvenile situations in the most heartfelt and poignant way.边缘青年,一个探讨时下不同地区的青少年所面对的挑战和问题的全新节目。每集一小时的节目将带您走入这些或许彷徨、或许愤怒、或许在艰难生活中找到力量的青年故事。这些青年有些面对学校同学的霸凌、有些无辜被泼镪水、有的沉迷电玩和网络而有的则在逃离战火的家园后面对居无定所的日子。他们的故事会给我们什么样的启发?

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