#FORUMsg (2016/2017)

#FORUMsg (2016/2017) - EP3

Review of the Elected Presidency System
47 Min

By Suria Published: 27 Oct 2016 Audio: Malay

It has been over a month since the White Paper on Elected Presidency Review was issued by the government. In that time, several rounds of public consultations have been conducted, and views and concerns gathered. These feedback would be taken into consideration when the Parliament debate on the proposed revisions to the Elected Presidency system in November. ForumSG Outdoor Special hope to add to this conversation, particularly from the viewpoint of the Malay community. Panelists 1. DR Mohd Maliki Osman (Senior Minister of State MINDEF & MFA) 2. Zhulkarnain Rahim (REACH Supervisory Panel) 3. Saleemah Ismail (Executive Director New Life Stories Project)

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