Four Little Scholars 四小才子

Four Little Scholars 四小才子 - EP11

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 03 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

Zhu Zhi Shan tries sharing Zhu Ning's findings with the rest of the "Little Scholars", but is ignored. Zhu Ning explains that Qiu Xiang might be the prankster, but the boys brush it off. They also believe that Zhu Zhi Shan are at odds with them when she asks Qiu Xiang to join the club.祝芝杉想告诉三小才子有关朱甯的发现,却完全被杯葛。尽管朱甯出面解释,邱湘可能就是搞破坏的神秘人,唐博浒和徐真清坚持不信。唐博浒和徐真清见祝芝杉拉邱湘加入熏陶班,更认为是故意针对他们的。

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