Four Little Scholars 四小才子

Four Little Scholars 四小才子 - EP3

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 08 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

In school, Zhu Zhi Shan almost injured her classmate, Qiu Xiang but fails to recognise her. She then bumps into her new classmate, Zhu Ning. Misunderstandings follow. Zhu Ning excels in class. After school, the "Four Little Scholars" discuss to persuade her to join the cultural club.在学校,祝芝杉险些误伤班上同学,邱湘。糊涂的祝芝杉却又不认得邱湘。接着,祝芝杉碰到新同学,朱甯,阴差阳错的引起一连串的误会。朱甯在班上表现出色。放学后,四小才子竟想游说朱甯加入熏陶班。

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