Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2

Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2 - EP4

22 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

We bring Justin Lee and his father and Xavier Chua and his mother to a fish farm at Pulau Ketam, a trip that is away from the land. They will identify the setting in the fishing boat, find out the fishing tools, experience how to harvest bamboo clams. Last but not least, differentiate and group the fishes based on the grades, sizes and species.这一集小农夫摇身一变成了小渔夫。远离陆地,李嘉仁和爸爸以及蔡茗喆和妈妈首次到马来西亚的吉胆岛,认识渔船的装备和捕鱼用具,学习如何徒手抓竹蛏,钓河豚。当然,小渔夫们也必须亲手把鱼分类。

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