Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1718)

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1718) - EP23

Fri 8 Sep 2017

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Directors' dreams take flight ! Young local directors such as Anthony Chen, Kirsten Tan and Alvin Lee have been winning accolades at overseas film festivals and gaining recognition. What challenges have they overcome to make it this far ? Will their achievements encourage more young Singaporeans to take up filmmaking as a career ? How will the emergence of more young directors help in the advancement of the local film industry ? Frontline reports. 《让导演梦起航!》 新加坡年轻导演如陈哲艺、陈敬音和李昌荣先后在海外影展得奖,崭露头角。他们克服了什么挑战才取得今天的成绩。他们的成就是否会鼓励更多本地年轻人从事电影业?随着更多新晋导演的崛起,又会如何带动本地的电影业?《前线追踪》采访报道。

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