Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1819)

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1819) - EP19

Fri 10 Aug 2018
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

<Missing the good old times> A wave of nostalgia has hit Singapore in recent years. Young people are using online videos and illustrations to depict Singapore's past stories and culture; businesses are also selling quirky products with local flavours. What is the reason for this trend ? Will this encourage the next generation to care about our history and culture ? Frontline reports.《我怀念的旧时光》 这几年,本地掀起一股怀旧风,年轻人用网络视频和插图描绘新加坡的往日生活和文化,也有商家推出富有古早味的商品。为什么有这种风潮?这是否有助于让新一代关心我们的历史和文化?《前线追踪》采访报道。

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