Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1920)

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1920) - EP2

Fri 12 Apr 2019
21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

The recent food poisoning cases across 14 preschool centres, affecting more than 200 children, have raised concerns over food catering services in preschools. Why do some preschools order catered food for students while some hire in-house cooks ? In his ministerial statement on hate speech, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam spoke on the Government's approach in restricting hate speech so as to maintain racial and religious harmony. Do Singaporeans understand what is hate speech ? 最近发生托儿所食物中毒事件,200多名幼童受影响,涉及的托儿所都是使用外包服务。为什么一些学前中心选择外包服务,有些则聘请校内厨师?家长倾向哪一种?营养有差别吗?律政部兼内政部长尚穆根在国会中阐述政府严厉看待仇恨言论的立场,以维持种族和宗教和谐。国人清楚什么是仇恨言论吗?各宗教领袖认为怎样才能遏制仇恨言论?

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1920)
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