Gentleman Jack S1

Gentleman Jack S1 - EP5

Let's Have Another Look At Your Past Perfect
57 Min
Homosexual Content 内容涉及同性恋;

By HBO Published: 21 May 2019 Audio: English

The widowed Reverend Ainsworth arrives in Halifax and, with encouragement from Mrs. Priestley, sets his sights on Ann Walker. Aware that Ainsworth's attentions are stirring up memories for her lover, Lister sets out to deal with the clergyman in her own inimitable manner. Meanwhile, Lister presses on with the transformation of her estate, but her ambitious plans threaten to lead her into trouble. At afternoon tea, Marian remains impressed by Mr. Abbott, though her aunt and father are less so. A discovery in the pigsty gives Mary Sowden reason to suspect that Thomas is lying about his father.

Gentleman Jack S1
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