GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发

GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发 - EP2

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 27 Apr 2018 Audio: Hokkien

In the second episode of“GeTai Challenge 2018”, talent of the Top 20 contestants will be showcased. Though the battle has not begun, audience will have a chance to know them better. On top of that, season 1 contestants will be back to perform too ! Wonder who is going to leave an impression on the judges Liu Ling Ling, Wang Lei and Jim Lim ? Who is going to catch the viewers’ eyes ? Stay tune for “GeTai Challenge 2018” on Channel 8 at 27th April (Fri) 11.30am. 这集中,歌手们暂时放下戒备,以友好的方式,在舞台上表演,不打分、不比赛,大家尽情享受舞台,也借此机会让观众认识20强,一览他们的实力。 到底谁能够带来惊喜?谁又能让评审刘玲玲、王雷和音乐才子林倛玉留下深刻印象? 《歌台星力量兴旺发》第二集将于4月27日星期五上午11时30分于8频道播出。

GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发
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