GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发

GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发 - EP5

47 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 May 2018 Audio: Hokkien

6 contestants have been eliminated and 8 contestants have made it to the next round. In this episode, the other 6 contestants (Hu Xiu Hui, Zhuang Qing Yu, Ryan Lian, Chen Xiao Xin, Qiu Wen and Cola Lau) who were "saved”by judges previously, are given a second opportunity to prove their abilities, and fight for the remaining 2 places in Top 10. At the end of this episode, Getai Challenge 2018 Top 10 will finally emerge ! 在第5集的《十强争夺赛 – 终极挑战》中,前两集落入“待定区”又被评审赋予第二次机会的6位歌手将在这集争取最后一个进圈的机会。歌手们都选了自己最拿手的歌曲,奋力一搏。 资深歌手是否一定稳操胜券,新晋歌手是否就一定要让路? 《歌台星力量兴旺发》第5集将于5月18日星期五上午11时30分于8频道播出。

GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发
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