GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发

GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发 - EP8

47 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Jun 2018 Audio: Hokkien

In this upcoming episode, the Top 10 continue the competition through Points accumulation and theme “Song of my Life”. However what differs from the previous episode is that there is a PK among the 2 groups. The Top 10 are pushing themselves to win ! Who is in, who is out ? ! Stay tune to find out ! 接下来的两集中,10强分为2组进行《全组积分主题赛》。他们将以主题“人生的歌”继续累积个人积分,同时互相对垒。评审除了有歌台大姐大刘玲玲和歌台一哥王雷,节目也来了让歌手们闻之色变的Irene Ang 洪爱玲!10强奋力一搏,到底谁能晋级,谁将出局?《歌台星力量兴旺发》第8集将于6月8日星期五上午11时30分于8频道播出。

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GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发
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