Gifted 天之骄子 (TIF)

Gifted 天之骄子 (TIF) - EP20

Finale 大结局
45 Mins
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

Dongtian is deeply distressed by Qikang’s death. He turns himself in and confesses his crimes. Jinmei can’t bear to tell Yali about Qikang’s demise. She lies that he is busy and doesn’t have time to visit her. Xiaoyi tries to explain to Jinmei that he didn’t cause Qikang’s death and that it was Dongtian’s fault. She slaps him before he finishes speaking. Xinrou’s former girlfriend, Ella, blackmails her with photos of them in intimate poses. Xinrou orders Xiaoyi to get rid of her. He refuses, and declares he will no longer do unlawful things for her. She fumes. Lingli and Liqian are kidnapped, and Xinrou warns Xiaoyi to do her bidding. He has no choice but to relent. Little does he expect that Xinrou would call the police just as he is about to murder Ella. He flees. Xinrou is brought to the police station for questioning. She claims Xiaoyi is jealous, and that made him want to kill Ella. Out of desperation, Xiaoyi approaches Yaozu for help to save Liqian. He adds that Xinrou is behind the kidnap. Yaozu agrees, while scheming to find a chance to apprehend Xiaoyi. Yaozu and Xiaoyi combine their analytical skills and locate Liqian and Lingli. They fight their way through Xinrou’s lackeys to save the women. Liqian is shot and left to die. Xiaoyi manages to escape. Yaozu saves Lingli. Weihao finds an important piece of evidence and questions Xinrou. Unable to come up with an explanation, she is arrested. Dezhi is cleared of murder charges, and Yaozu and Lingli are thrilled. Xiaoyi sneaks into the hospital to see Liqian. Yaozu sees him and gives chase. The two men have a face-off.

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