Go Online 全城上线

Go Online 全城上线 - EP1

44 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Online shopping has becoming the latest trend and even a norm in China, especially during the annual 11.11 event from Taobao, massive volume of goods ordered and the ways consumers purchase, all these will be showcase as host Lee Teng find out more! Many people shopping from Taobao, but there is a privilege group whose purchase has exceed far more than average consumers to obtain the "Taobao Black Card", a Black Card holder will be sharing with us her purchases in the show. Online shopping not only bring convenience, but also opportunities to those who know how to make use of their advantages, online models is 1 of the examples. A local modelling agency will show us how different online model can be from normal models. Social influencers in China earn annual income that even more than famous movie stars, find out more about how they turn their fame into monetary value in this episode. 网购在中国盛行,淘宝已成为每个人嘴上的名词,双11甚至已成为中国每年的盛典,节目首集就直击双11中国网购者如何"淘",也会直闯淘宝总部和中国物流中心,一探双11的威力!会淘宝有什么了不起,有听过淘宝网的黑卡用户吗?买到什么程度才能晋升黑卡,享受尊贵的淘宝服务?就由主持人李腾帮大家问明白!

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