Goblin 孤单又灿烂的神 - 鬼怪 (Dual Sound)

Goblin 孤单又灿烂的神 - 鬼怪 (Dual Sound) - EP2

46 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel U Published: 28 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

On her 19th birthday , Chi Enzhuo was shocked to see Jinxin appearing after she blew out the candle flame ! After Chi Enzhuo told Jinxin that she is his bride , Chi transported herself to Canada with Jin . Jin's servant Liu Dehua rented their house to a grim reaper whom Jin could not get along with . 池恩卓十九岁生日那天,吹灭蜡烛后惊见金信出现!池恩卓自称是金信的新娘,并与他穿越时空到了加拿大。侍奉金信的柳德华将房子租给“地狱使者”,金信却与此人水火不容。

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