Going Miles , Spreading Smiles 一人行。暖人心 - EP2

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 22 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Eric is a social worker at HealthServe, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing and providing hope to migrant workers. For the past 6 years, Eric worked at the medical clinics, providing social assistance to Chinese workers in Singapore, as well as helping them tackle their complex and intertwined needs ranging from medical to legal, physical to emotional. Through his time volunteering, Eric has forged close bonds with the Chinese workers and empathized with their situations. Many injured migrant workers suffered from depression, he followed up on their cases closely, giving them care and concern. He accompanied them to the hospital for their checkups and medical assessments, fought for their benefits, counseled them, and provided emotional support. 因工作关系接触来自中国的客工,Eric看到了一些发生事故的客工,受伤回国后,还遭受村民和家人的另眼相待,处境堪怜。于是,他自费飞往中国去关怀他们,并且捐钱及从事辅导工作。每年4月及10月,他固定到中国5个省份(山东、河南、河北、江苏、安徽)关怀他们。 Eric 任职的Health Serve 慈善机构,是专为外籍客工提供免费医疗和咨询服务;他负责行政与外展事务,却因看到客工的悲惨遭遇,挺身而出,成为他们困境里的明灯。六年来,Eric帮助的客工无以计数,每个客工背后,都有着不为人知的辛酸;不管是工地受伤、或遭受雇主不平对待的,ERIC为他们找律师、索求赔偿、谋求福利;其中感人的个案是客工大宝在2013年在新加坡的工地意外导致下半身受伤,Eric为了改善大宝的健康、同时希望他拥有一技之长,带他学脚底按摩;没想到,大宝实现理想回到江苏开养生馆,也将Eric助人为本的精神发扬光大。

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