Going Miles , Spreading Smiles 一人行。暖人心

Going Miles , Spreading Smiles 一人行。暖人心 - EP3

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Mar 2017 Audio: Chinese

Started by Mother and Son team, Sheila and Addis, Cook for Strangers is about breaking down barriers, restoring relationships, and forging new bonds through food. Sheila is a housewife who loves cooking and her son Addis is a trained chef at a local restaurant. Both of them hope to utilize their passion for food to build more caring communities. With this goal in mind, both mother and son began their journey 3 years ago. They traveled to Cambodia to feed the needy, and eventually started teaching the villagers useful cooking skills. Living conditions were poor and most of the villagers could only afford salted fish and sausage (lap cheong). As such, Sheila donated her rice, pots and pans and taught the villagers how to cook and eat healthily. 帮助一个人,与其给他鱼吃,不如教他钓鱼,Sheila秉持这个信念,3年前开始带着儿子Addis一起到柬埔寨教导村民一些实用的烹饪技巧。当地生活水平低,Sheila发现村民们平时都吃咸鱼、腊肠,三餐营养不足,于是她自费替他们购买炊具、粮食,希望改善村民的饮食习惯,让他们吃得简单又健康。 一人行的Sheila 不怕路途辛劳,买好材料,得自备流动厨房、及基本厨具,在什么都欠缺的环境下回到原始乡村,生材起火烹调! 这位家庭主妇就这样离开安逸的厨房和家,发挥无限的爱心,为穷困者提供爱心餐,温饱村民和孩子的胃,重新点燃灿然笑容。 飘洋过海的爱,也感染了柬埔寨大学生,要为自己的同胞奉献心力,传递了她的助人为本精神。

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