Greener Pastures 离家。出走

Greener Pastures 离家。出走 - EP3

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 03 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

A survey shows that 80% of Taiwan's working population wants to work overseas and Singapore is their most popular destination. Singapore is chosen not only for the higher wages, but also for the opportunity to study English, broaden their horizons and a chance to become more independent.为了摆脱台币22K低薪,台湾人正在成为全球最新一波的低阶移工。调查显示,8成台湾上班族想出走海外。新加坡是最热门的目的地。选择新加坡,除了薪水,有些人则是因为想学英语、希望开拓视野、学习独立。他们带着勇气、梦想和挣扎离家,在新的起点开始起跑。

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