Greener Pastures 离家。出走

Greener Pastures 离家。出走 - EP8

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 07 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Many volunteers leave their comfort zones for unfamiliar territory. They seek to improve the lives of others, not knowing their lives will be changed too. What challenges do they face, and are they psychologically prepared ? 为了改善别人的生活,许多义工不惜从舒适圈出走,去到陌生、落后的国度。很多人都没有想到,在改变别人以前,他们首先改变了自己的人生。当踌躇满志的义工踏上柬埔寨这片千疮百孔的土地传递温暖的时候,做了什么心理准备?又面对了什么挑战?

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