Guess Who 2019 谁来晚餐2019

Guess Who 2019 谁来晚餐2019 - EP12

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Celebrities will be invited to visit a family and join them for dinner. The family will have no idea who the celebrity will be before hand. The invited celebrity will share his or her experience with the family through conversation during a meal. “谁来晚餐" 是个时下颇为流行的实况电视节目. 每集节目都拜访一个家庭,并邀请他们的梦幻嘉宾上门共进晚餐.内容没有太多刻意的安排, 也许是小小梦想的完成, 也可能会看到名人卸下包装与身段之后的真情流露.

Guess Who 2019 谁来晚餐2019
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