Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi

Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi - EP7

39 Min

By Suria Published: 04 Jun 2019 Audio: Malay

Police ambushed when they are racing. Faiz and Delisha are both arrested. Before the race, Faiz proposed to Delisha. She accepted his marriage proposal. Zainal has reported Faiz illegal racing to the police. He did that to win Nenda’s heart. Nenda tells Zainal to quickly take steps to marry Delisha if not she is going to marry her to Ustaz Azali. Nenda is not happy with Zainal close relationship with Tan Sri Kamal. But Zainal wants a portion of Dato Rosnah’s shares in the company.

Halalkan Hati Yang Ku Curi
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