Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3

Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3 - EP1

41 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 24 Nov 2017 Audio: Hokkien

Feng Piao Piao charges her own father, Phua Long Kang in court. She accuses her father of not acting his age and running out often. She is afraid he gets scammed. Through the proceedings, Liang Xi Mei found out the case was not as simple. Phua Long Kang had been sneaking out to learn new skills. She uses this case to explain how life after retirement can be exciting too...凤飘飘把自己父亲潘龙沟控上公亲法院,指父亲为老不尊,老是往外跑,恐怕交到了损友。在控辩双方律师的强词夺理之下,梁细妹发现案情并不简单,原来潘龙沟只是偷偷地去学习新的事物。梁细妹法官借此案件说明老人家,在退休后仍然可以活得精彩。

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