Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3

Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3 - EP8

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jan 2018 Audio: Hokkien

Liang Xi Mei is the defendant in this episode. Her family can't stand her habit of buying random health products recommended by her friends. Ah Gong is often forced to consume drugs with unknown origins. Under the circumstances, the family has no choice but to charge her in court. Due to her good reputation in the neighbourhood, Kong Dong Po (Cantonese Granny) serves as the acting judge in this case. 常任法官梁细妹,在本集沦为被告。梁细妹一家人再受不了梁细妹胡乱听信朋友间的推广而胡乱购买许多健康食品。阿公更是常被梁细妹逼着吃了许多来历不明的药品。梁细妹载率全部停的情况下,一家人爱之深责之切,只好把他控上法庭。广东婆也因为在街坊中德高望重,被临时请缨担任代法官。

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