Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 May 2019 Audio: Hokkien

The folks at Happy Street keep themselves busy with various activities in the community. They meet and share their secrets of active ageing while also living meaningful lives. Going for classes or signing up to be a volunteer ? You name it, they have it ! Lobang Queen Liu Ling Ling also knows a secret to active ageing. Follow her and her sister Liu Xin Ling to uncover some healthy "lobang" in Singapore. 欢喜街的街坊忙着参与不同的社区活动,大家碰面时不忘分享活跃乐龄的秘密,有的报名参加课程,有的当义工帮助人,不怕没事做!Lobang Queen刘玲玲也有一个不老的秘密,跟着她和妹妹刘心玲去寻找一些本地的健康lobang。

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼
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