Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼 - EP8

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Jun 2019 Audio: Hokkien

With the spread of fake news, how do we know what is real and what is not ? Let the Happy folks teach you how. This week's Old is Bold brings us to Penang, Malaysia where we catch two movie actresses in action. Find out how to be a bold senior ! 近来假新闻到处传,什么是真,什么是假?让欢喜街的街坊们教你如何分辨。这一集的〈乐龄新鲜人〉请来了两位重量级人物——跟着两位电影女演员到马来西亚槟城去了解怎么当一个真正的乐龄新鲜人!

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼
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